Hello my dear! As you are waiting for my Dubai travel diary I am working at (and gonna show you pretty soon) I want to use a chance and  tell you about my new discovery today – BOTICCA!

It is one of the most gorgeous online boutiques for unique jewellery and fashion accessories by top emerging designers from around the world! Here you will find a wide range of international designers and their creative work that tell their personal story. The vision of the founders is that behind the beauty and exquisite design of the items one can find a deep meaning and a great story. As I was surfing on I discovered loads of great designers. But I remained deeply impressed by Brigitte Verbeek’s Believes Bags – handmade treasures inspired by her international travels. The adorable mixture of the textiles and leather, small trimmings and decorative elements bring the unique hippy chic look! Just check them out guys! For the bargain hunters among of you 😉 – just check out the Boticca sale.

See more in my Fabulous finds guys 😉

XXX Lena


(Pictures by



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