/Pictures by Tobias Wirth/

OPERA. Morning loves, as you see on my outfit today it’s pretty classy 😉 I have always been a big fan of Opera as  my sister actually is an opera singer. But as we live in different countries I haven’t visited opera for ages. So I decided to do it again! And of course  I needed a matching outfit for this occasion. I decided to wear this classy midi WalG dress with the hand-made stole brought from Singaapoure, black Buffalo heels and to take the eye-catching Riveer Island clutch bag.

It was a gorgeous evening and I loaded my inner battery!

Hope you are all doing great! I wish you all best day ever ;-D

xoxoxoxo Lena

DRESS: WalG (shop here)

HEELS: Buffalo

STOLE: Handmade from Singapoure

CLUTCH BAG: River Island

RINGS: Bellast (shop here)



  1. You look beautiful, I so love your dress! I would love you to listen to my music as it sounds like you enjoyed the opera. I’m only 15 but I would love a career in music. Thank you so much lovely! Best Wishes, Georgia x

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