PURPLE HEART. Morning sweeties, it’s FRIDAY!!! YAY… I am so ready for a nice weekend. All of you my dear readers have seen that my latest posts were all about a wonderful Brand from the UK – Brit-Stitch. I hope you enjoyed the shots and took the time to visit their Homepage (to pick a nice bag for you ;-)! I must say it is a very difficult decision to choose only one bag from the ranges Brit-Stitch offer as there are so many colours & sizes with a focus on current trends (there’s even a pocket for your iPhone)!  So I decided to ask the team which Brit-Stitch Bag would they be, and here is the answer:

“Now that’s an impossible choice! The great thing about our range is that there’s a bag for every occasion but if we had to choose, we’d be the Half Pint. Practical, perfectly sized and a classic!”

For those very curious of you I also asked the Brit-Stitch team for a little secret and received a very cute answer ;-):

“The Managing Director had a daughter (Polly) born on the launch day!!”

I also love the idea of the Brand to develop their Make Your Own Feature as everyone can express the own creativity  and create his own bag!








/Pictures by Tobias Wirth/

BAG: Milkman Purple Heart (shop here)

JACKET: Pepe jeans (similar here)

DRESS: Dorothy Perkins (similar here)

BOOTIES: (similar here)



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