Morning guys! WOW it feels like ages since I last posted my „Fabulous Finds“ Selection and I felt a kind of guilty about it!

So I guess I have to do it more often. Today I’m absolutely happy about my picks of the awesome items for fall in burgundy! I love this colour & you might also have noticed the whole hype about the trend ;-). Burgubdy makes each item somehow classy and expensive-looking (even if it’s an affordable piece). Just check out this selection (links included) & shop till you drop 😉

Lovely Wednesday


1. Peplum Bodycon Dress (shop here)

2. Leather Lace Up Heels (shop here)

3. Leatherskirt (shop here)

4. White Heart Pattern Shirt (shop here)

5. Burgundy Booties (shop here)

6. Precious Stones Blouse (shop here)

7. Crossbody Bag (shop here)

8. Burgundy Coat (shop here)

9. Burgundy Rhinestone Jewelry Set (shop here)

10. Burgundy Sunglasses (shop here)

11. Burgundy Gloves (shop here)



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