Morning babes, after a two-day of silence I’m back with the new look 😉 It was not about being lazy, not at all. It was all about the new course I attended on Wednesday & Thursday. LEARN LEARN LEARN ;-O So now I can consider myself super-duper smart ;-)))
Anyway we decided to shoot yesterday evening as I just couldn’t wait to show you my new INCA style dress and I simply couldn’t wait till this weekend to make some new shots. As I saw the pictures I realised that it was pretty late to shoot and the light wasn’t really optimal. Well, I am so looking forward to the warm season to come as it is much easier for making pictures even if you are busy with your regular stuff during the day.

Ok … let us talk about the great trend (which is not so awfully new..) that I adore – inka or aztec inspired items. We have seen them in the previous season but don’t worry they will be even more IN in the upcomming spring/summer. I’ve always been a huge fan of traditional elements and accessories (just remember my favourite russian traditional shawl or aztec dress I wore last spring)! But this dress is such a fabulous find! I love the colours and the cut loads. And I love the idea I can wear it both in winter (with any warm jacket) and spring. I decided to keep the look natural coloured and was very happy with the result.
We will work hard on new shots & projects for Skinnycature this weekend and I hope you have some great plans too…
Enjoy your friday babes <3!









/Pictures by Tobias Wirth/

DRESS: Sojeans (shop here)

JACKET: Zeus Oramasdes

BOOTIES: Vera Gomma

BAG: Valentino



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