Perfect skin… let’s be honest ladies…what can be more beautiful and desirable? But it is sometimes not so easy to have perfect and healthy skin. Healthy lifestyle including balanced nutrition is of course extremely important to achieve desirable results. But the key to success is still using excellent products to indulge your skin. I personally discovered the incredible DIOR product – Capture Totale Dream Skin – that keeps my face fresh and glowing! And it is seriously the best product I’ve ever tried!!!

I’ve recently read that it took many years of research and expertise in biology to create this product. Normally one should use a cream for a certain amount of time to get any visible results. But it didn’t last long!!! I was shocked as after only a couple of days of usage I noticed great results: luminous, glowing skin with homogenous surface.

And you seriously need only a drop for the whole face as the cream has a perfect texture. What I especially liked as well is the powdery feeling after application (because of the biometric powders) and you don’t have oily glow on you forehead.

Of course it is a quite expensive product but it is absolutely worth it! If you want more information about DIOR Capture Totale Dream Skin or if you are interested in ordering a tester just click here.






/Pictures by Tobias Wirth/





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