As the spring has definitely arrived and we have totally sunny days it is high time to think about eye-wear. We hooked up with PAPP UV team to show you one of their creations – Poet Black Sunnies.

You will never believe the gorgeous sunnies are made of an organic combination of wood and card board!!! The entire frame is made of a single part and is extremely flexible and resilient. You can forget about cases as you can easily store them simply in your pant pocket or even in a book you currently read! Regarding sun protection PAPP UV offers a UV 400 polarization filter guaranteed by a certified optician! And one more amazing characteristic is that the glasses are coated with hypoallergenic and water repellent wood oil. I can’t get over what a beautiful shape they have! And I am totally in love with the concept. Check out more designs here.

Have a great week ladies 😉 see you soon!



/Pictures by Tobias Wirth/

SUNNIES: PAPP UV (shop here)




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