I am beyond excited as I was very lucky to interview the brand I am so obsessed with! JAIMIE JACOBS! I was into the project to create my own perfect shoes, yes guys that’s right… The shoes you see on the shots is my pure creativity work 😉

So have fun and enjoy it folks:

Hello Jaimie Jacobs team! Your brand has such a wonderful concept behind it, allowing buyers to customise their own shoes. I think it’s super cool! What was the inspiration behind this?

Our shoemaker who has a deep passion for shoes had the idea to offer shoes that can be customized by the client. She started her own business selling customized shoes offline. That was about 10 years ago when customization for shoes hardly existed. Now she is an expert in the field of customized luxury shoes. In 2013 she decided to offer her luxury shoes online so that every woman can enjoy to design her perfect shoe. Jaimie Jacobs was born.

Can you give us a little more insight into Jaimie Jacobs beginnings?

We are a very young fashion brand and we would say that we still are in the beginning. We started to offer our shoes online in December 2013. At that time we only offered 3 shoe models (Ballerinas, Peep-Toes and Pumps), even though we have several hundred that we could offer. The big challenge is to create a 3D model of the shoe so that they can be customized in our 3D designer on our web page. Our selections is still quite limited but we will expand it very fast. We will not only offer new shoe models but also new leathers, colours, decorations etc. Of course we also listen very carefully to our customers that send us their wishes what they would like to add to our portfolio.

What is it like working like tight-knit team for you, and does everyone have an input on what goes on at Jaimie Jacobs HQ?

Team work is a central part of our company. Our team consists of different characters with complementary skills which is very inspiring and beneficial when it comes to the development of new ideas. Furthermore, we enjoy a lot working together which makes common decision making quite easy.

What sort of things do you think about when you offer new materials & colours?

It is very important to us, to give our customers the possibility to experiment with extraordinary colours and materials. That is why we are constantly looking for exciting new materials. We also let us inspire of future fashion trends.

Do you think to expand the company overseas?

Yes, definitely. We want to offer our shoes to as many people as possible.

If you could be a perfect shoe, which would you be and why? (heels, boots, brogues?! Etc.)

It is very hard to limit yourself to one shoe, because the perfect shoe always depends on the situation and the statement. A high heel doesn’t change only your position but also your whole appearance. It shows you confident and sexy. A casual boot in contrast, gives you the opportunity to appear cool and down-to-earth no matter what you wear. Every shoe has its own character and lets you jump into different roles. It would be too boring if there was one perfect shoe for every situation in life. Life and the world of shoes are too colorful and exciting for that.

Let us into a Jaimie Jacobs secret … 😉

We don’t really have any secrets. We try to be as transparent to our customers as possible. Instead of secrets we have principles. One of those is quality. We think quality is the key to our products and we believe you can see that in each detail of our shoes.

And lastly, what are your plans for the future?

In the long-run we want to expand our product portfolio. We want to offer a wide range of customizable products including handbags, purses and accessories. Also a male product line is planned. Our vision is to make Jaimie Jacobs to the leading brand for customizable fashion offering each client the opportunity to express their individualism with our products.

But how does it work to design your perfect shoe?!

Check it out on JAIMIE JACOBS guys…






/Pictures by Tobias Wirth/

/Tool Source via Jaimie Jacobs/




  1. Oh wow what an interesting concept. I had no idea such a company existed and your shoes came out great! Love the interview, love when people following their hearts and create a viable company from it.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

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