My first day in Abu Dhabi consisted of swimming and getting tanned! The water was so unreal I can’t even describe it to you! I even spotted some fancy sea life representatives – awesome fish and a couple of crabs!!! And I was so lucky I literally forgot about the existence of social media, internet and co. at all 😉 And now as I’ve only just got back from this Paradise I’m already dreaming of my next travel.

Of course I know that I wrote my last post about bikinis just a couple of weeks before but I discovered such a cool swimwear brand and I just MUST tell about it to you babes. Stylish, sophisticated and sexy just three words that come spontaneously on my mind to describe Jets Swimwear. The brand comes from Australia and is very popular for its incredible quality and quirky designs. I was pretty impressed by this fuchsia model. Hope you like it as well…

Wish you sunny day sweeties and speak soon ❤






  1. Hey! I missed your blog and finally I have some time to stop by. I hope you are doing fine and as I can see – you are great. 😉

    Some lovely pictures and such a great bikini. Just love the colour and it fits you perfect!! 🙂

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