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Morning my loves!

Let me start this Monday with increbible news announced in my last post and on my Instagram channel.

As I am always in motion I try to absorp the beautiful things around me to show them to you all on Skinnycature. And as I consider art and fashion to be so related and inseparable I decided to express it on my blog. This was the decision to handpick the best illustrations from incredibly talented fashion illustrators and to showcase them in one place! Therefore from now on you will find the new ART section on Skinnycature.

Of course on my search for the illustrators the main criteria (besides of talent!) was to find the personalities who would perfectly fit into the blog’s content and embody the caracter of Skinnycature.

Are you ready for the journey and curious to learn more about our new friends? Well let’s start…

Our first partner is a talented graphic designer and illustrator who lives and works in Washington DC – Elena Fay.

This is her story…

“I’ve always loved drawing and feel that I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember but couldn’t even imagine that someday it will be my career. It all started a few years ago when I came to US from Russia and decided that it was a perfect time to follow my dreams. After college (with animation degree) I started freelancing and thanks to my blog I’ve been very busy with super exciting projects. I love to draw whimsical fashion illustrations using ink and watercolors. I find an inspiration everywhere; it can be when I walk with my baby and see gorgeous scenery or lovely couple holding hands, find gorgeous outfits in my favorite movies or style magazines.”

Well stay tuned for more adorable illustrations from Elena and enjoy the first ones displaying stylish & confident bombshells (cute & cool as I love it) 😉

Here are also Some channels where you can find Elena’s work: Pinterest / Instagram / Facebook



Statement Necklace

/Illustrations by Elena Fay/


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