Morning babes, so happy it is Friday again and the weekend (with a lovely secret trip!) is comming ❤ I will be on travel the whole week but I will keep up posting on the blog and updating you also on my Instagram

And what I love most before starting the journey?! Right, it is a quality beauty time! And today I am excited to show you a very lovely  body care line from ACQUA COLONIA. Thanks to the amazing team of MÄURER & WIRTZ ‏, who provided me with these products, I could enjoy an absolute citrus splash on my skin. There is nothing better than tropical citrus fragrances in summer. Very light and natural the products are capable to refresh your body and mind at the same time.

And of course I appreciate the mosturizing effect of luxurious pearl extract – so special and parabenfree.

If you are into excellent natural stuff you have to try the line out folks.

Let me know which lines are your faves! Have a great weekend <3<3<3






/Pictures by Skinnycature/



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