Morning my loves, pretty sure you enjoy your Saturday! Today is a very special post because I am sharing with you probably one of my most favorite fashion ilustrations by Kira Krylova. Holy Moly, I am so over the moon to have an opportunity to work with so talented people and more over to inspire their work.

I am always impressed by the power of immagination and talent the fashion illustrators possess. But when I saw this work of Kira I was absolutely overwhelmed. I love the sophisticated choice of colors & technique of work…

But who is Kira?

She is a young passionate and skilful fashion designer and illustrator. She graduated in Fashion design in Russia and started collaborating for different projects as fashion illustrator in Italy and for Russian websites.

Kira specialized in hand drawing and graphic illustrations, developed projects for iphone covers and t-shirts, as well as fashion illustrations for wedding dresses.
Moreover she even designed a capsule collection for shoes (project to be realized super soon) and a womanwear collection inspired by japanese costumes.
Kira says : “My art and my designs reppresent for me an essential part of my life and I am proud to transform every day my passion for art and fashion in my job!”
Great Personality! If you want to see more of Kira’s work, don’t hesitate to checkk out here Insta @kira_krylova_basile !!!
❤ ❤ ❤



/Illustrations by Kira Krylova/


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