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It’s seems like an eternity since my last post. In fact I was really busy working on the new Skinnycature 2 and planning the next trip coming this weekend. Now it is officially, we’ll spend the next week in Spain, and I am beyond excited about it. This time we even plan some nice sightseeing between the shoots. But I am not about to tell you too much in advance xoxo. ❤ (more…)


Morning loves,

today I am showing my very first tutorial on Skinnycature. You’ll see how to do a fishtail braid that I instagrammed a couple of days ago and received a lot of requests for!! It is honestly super simple and one of my favorite looks. So watch the video for the full how to…

Take care of the notes in Video and let me know your thoughts! Enjoy!

Thank you all for stopping by ❤ xxx