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As I told you in my last post guys we’ve been into some nice lifestyle project this weekend and afterwards having some spare time (just a couple of hours squeezed into our schedule) we enjoyed incredible pool weather! I have already forgotten my last time lazing around and just relaxing at the pool reading awesome magazines or simply sipping juices! Being an incredible workaholic I just always have so many plans so it is pretty hard for me to do nothing ;-)

Well this time I packed my new lovely bikini from Plumeria Swimwear (I am seriously obsessed with this brand!) and decided to make a short pool session and relax afterwards. Hope to do it again very soon!

SWIMWEAR: Plumeria Swimwear (shop here)



/Pictures by Tobias Wirth/

Summertime & colours!!! Summer dreaming on a super hot spring day in my new ultimate holiday outfit a là Bella Italia. I love the new Seafolly Swimwear Collection 2014 Bella Rose. I really feel myself like a real italian lady in this colourful wonder and a splash of red lipgloss! I am so ready for the days on the beach with a nice cocktail in my hand. I am so looking forward to our Italian trip comming in a bit more than a week.

And as for more secrets… I am writing this post from one of the most gorgeous hotels we’ve ever been to… Amazing project will be revealed on my blog very very soon. Just stay tuned guys XXX

And Happy Easter to all of you folks!!! Enjoy the quality time with your family & friends <3

COMPLETE OUTFIT: Seafolly Australia




/Pictures by Tobias Wirth/

As soon as the temperetures climb high I always grab either my in-lines skates or my ‘oldie” skateboard and enjoy the best time ever! And of course nice look is obligatory ;-) When it’s hot outside great bikini top is an essential – light and cooling at the same time. I just had a blast when I discovered the label – BIKINIBIZA (BKNBZ). These are the bikinis that make difference in the world of the Bikini!!!  As the offer is limited you will always be a unique Bikini Princess wearing BKNBZ (Well, I do actually feel like the one ;-). There’s something super chic about these details – very eye-catching. It is just a piece  to be a part of your wardrobe for life!

BIKINI: Lovely Lively by BKNBZ (shop here)

SHIRT: H&M (similar here)

HOPTANTS: Atmosphere (similar here)

CAP: NY (similar here)






Morning sweeties! I can’t be more excited to reveal the project we had the pleasure to work on. I didn’t want to tell you loads in advance and just wanted to surprise you with the beautiful SS2014 Collection of Swarovski Jewelry. Sometimes I had to pinch myself (still cannot believe what blogging has in store for us ;-) to realize I am not dreaming and these great things are really happening to me!

As you all know I am a huge fan of statement jewelry so this was the main criteria while picking the jewelry for the shoot (just look at this Shourouk for Swarovski necklace!!!). And it was not an easy decision guys… As we shot with these beauties we tried to keep it feminine, ladylike but strong, sometimes romantic, colorful and vivid.

This year it is all about crystals! The latest Swarovski Collection offers everything for every occasion – from ultra feminine flamboyant to minimal pieces like cuffs and chains.

Hope you dear enjoy discovering these shots!!!

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/Pictures by Tobias Wirth / Product Picture by Tom Tailor/

Hey folks, I am extremely excited about the beginning of the festival season 2014. This weekend Coachella was the ultimative place to be for all the festival lovers! And to help you with the best outfits I would love to tell you about the lauch of the new Nashville Prairie‏ Collection by TOM TAILOR! It will be in stores and online shops beginning with May 2014! I was very lucky to try my collection favourite – hippie style inspired blue lace dress – bevor the official launch.
TOM TAILOR designers created amazing all-over-prints, dip dye looks and lace dresses… AWW..esome guys! Seriously awesome! <3
And for all comfy-shoes lovers there will be something really worthy to shop… just look at the shot above ;-)
Have a great Sunday sweeties & let me know what do you thing about Nashville Prairie‏ Collection?!

DRESS: Tom Tailor

BOOTS: Killah


JEWELRY: Rings&Tings



/Pictures by Tobias Wirth/

Hello folks… Can’t be more excited today to reveal our new project with Lee Stafford! As I am a huge fan of Lee and have been using his products since a couple of years I can speak about REAL results.

And after months of request about my hair care I can finally tell you my secrets in today’s post! The products I am featuring today are my absolute favorites and I am so sure if you try them you’ll become addicted to them too ;-)

The best thing is that every hair type can find it’s perfectly adapted product. And your hair will look fabulous!

Well… Let’s start the journey… First of all let me tell you a sad story about my hair a couple of years ago before I discovered Lee Stafford ;-( I used to dye my hair and it was seriously damaged after some failed experiments. I absolutely needed some excellent products to remedy the situation. But I even couldn’t imagine I would find the products that even make my hair grow… Well, I couldn’t imagine till I discovered Lee Stafford ;-)

First I was attracted by the super stylish product design (of course in pink! A signal tone for real ladies ;-) that shows the treatment from the best side. They look so special and outstanding and you’ll never forget this look after seeing it once.

So I gave it a try and that was my best decision ever…

Here is my hair style-lab sweeties:

How to make your hair healthy & seriously awesome:

1. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo

2. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Conditioner

3. Lee Stafford Hair Growth leave-in treatment

4. Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment (mask)

5. Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Split ends Serum:

Rub a couple of drops of serum between your hands and apply to the ends of damp hair. Benefits: prevents and repairs split ends / smoothing / softening / enhances shine and gloss.

How to style your hair with Lee Stafford:

1. Lee Stafford FAT Flexible Hold Hairspray:

Just spray away from arm’s length on to dry hair. Benefits: no stiffness / light weight / flexible hold & great fragrance

2. Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray:

If you love the look and feel of just stepped out of the sea, naturally sun dried hair then this Sea Salt Spray is just for you! Simply spray approximately 10 times (adjust to suit) over towel dried hair and blow dry as normal OR for the ultimate beach goddess look just leave to dry naturally. . . it’s as simple as that! Benefits: defining / adds moisture / shine  & great fragrance

Would be happy ho hear about your results babes <3!

*  above mentioned product information via Lee Stafford



/Pictures by Tobias Wirth/

Recently we had the great chance and honour to work with one of my absolutely favourite brands – PAULS BOUTIQUE. Their creations have always surprises in store for me. Not only are there materials just incredible but the bags and purses models are seriously innovative, fresh, colorful and elegant at the same time! The bag on my shots – Melissa colour block dusty pink – caught my heart on fire. It was love from the first sight! So playful, bright and fits me perfectly in terms of style <3 And you all guys know how much I love colors! I even must admit that this is probably one of my favourite looks shot recently!

And I am so in love with this atmosphere of the diner. Of course you might say that it was pretty easy to shoot with this beauty as it would look fantastic on anyone ;-) But we tried to give it a spotlight and hope you like our work ;-)

*SO EXCITED* about your thoughts babes!!!

BAG: Melissa colour block dusty pink - PAULS BOUTIQUE (shop here)

DRESS: Dorothy Perkins (similar here)